Stress Management For You

Now you can join us every Wednesday night from 7 to 8 pm at the farm of Good Acres Sanctuaries for a meditation and stress management class. Attendance is free and open to all ages. Often substance (ab)use is directly linked to an inability to deal with stress in a constructive manner. In a recent survey of Anderson County teenagers responded that if they were to try drugs, stress would be what would most likely become the deciding factor to reach for substances to self-medicate with. Stress management classes are sorely missing in our schools. As a result, we are bringing you this opportunity to partake in these classes. Each Wednesday, we will be focusing on a slightly different aspect of meditation practice and techniques you can experiment with. No prior RSVP needed just drop on in on Wednesdays at 7 pm at 2015 Greafenburg Rd. (aka hwy 151).

For exact directions, please go to:   mouse over the calendar of events and you will see a whole page called “how to find us” with very detailed instructions.


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