Board Meeting, June 6th

ASAP’s board meeting held on June 6th was held at the farm of Good Acres Sanctuaries. The casual atmosphere of the barn did not prevent the board from primarily discussing though budget issues for the upcoming fiscal year. ASAP’s fiscal year does not follow the calendar but rather breaks over in the summer. Since ASAP is a government funded entity, all processes involving funding are highly regulated and must follow very strict guidelines.

The board typically meets every other month unless urgent business requires attention sooner. Meeting locations vary. The farm meeting was an unusual break for the board members and allowed everyone the opportunity to pet a few soft noses of some of the farms rescued farm animals on the way in and out of the meeting. A plant-based lunch was provided and enjoyed by many. As always, the board’s leadership thanks all board members who made the effort to attend.

The meeting minutes from this board meeting will be added to this page as soon as they become available.

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