Easter at the Sanctuary 2017 – A Blessing Indeed

As part of our ongoing campaign, ‘Anderson County Eats Together’ ASAP recently co-sponsored a very special event held at Good Acres Sanctuaries, a farm animal sanctuary in our county that also offers various services for Chicas (Children of the Addicted and Incarcerated), and more.

Pastor Michelle Redmon blessing calf Lucky. Lucky is being held and led by his former owner who donated the calf to us and saved Lucky’s life.

One of the highlights of the event on this perfectly sunny day was the ceremonial blessing of the animals performed by our very own board member and pastor of Emerge Ministries, Michelle Redmon. After the animal blessing, the guests enjoyed a barn served delicious fully plant-based (vegan) buffet including warm and cold entrees and desserts. Children searched for Easter Eggs and found plenty, thanks to Diana Hill, a prospective board member who donated them and hid them.
Justin Tyler entertained us with some jazzy music that had the guests singing and clapping.

Afterwards, Dr. Debora Tallio MD, of Mindful Medicine in Lexington talked to the guests about the numerous positive impacts of plant-based nutrition on one’s health and answered questions about healthy plant-based eating. Among the guests were individuals who suffer from severe heart disease and diabetes which can in many cases be reversed or greatly improved without surgical intervention through nutritional and lifestyle changes alone.

Pastor Redmon with the ASAP sponsorship table in the background.

For us and our work in the field of substance abuse prevention, with the growing drug problems in our county, it is very important for our community to come together in a non-judgmental atmosphere like the one at Good Acres Sanctuaries, which embraces everyone from recovering addicts to individuals who once were incarcerated or families with addicted loved ones. Furthermore, the event was mostly attended by non-vegans. Yet guests who had never before seen a vegan buffet and who could not imagine the deliciousness were curious and open minded. Since the buffet was nearly empty about halfway through the event and some asked for recipes, we must conclude our food hit the spot. Some of the dishes were brought by attendees who had the option of bringing a dish to share or buy a ticket.
The farm and non-profit organization GA Sanctuaries is owned and operated by our ASAP chairman Diana Shaffner. Please enjoy more photos from our afternoon at the farm. Watch our event calendar for more upcoming events at Good Acres.

Brenda Cummins, of the local support group PAL (Parents of the Addicted Loved Ones) brought a young guest and both enjoyed meeting Shabah one of the farm’s rescued equines.
A young guest meets rescued cow ‘Bridgette’ who with her sweet personality helps to show people how sensitive and intelligent cows are.
A long line has formed at the vegan buffet of which almost nothing was left an hour later.
Pastor Redmon led the guests in a prayer.

This community event was proudly co-sponsored by ASAP along with Emerge Ministries and

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